Zunammy TR027 Wireless Heart Rate Monitor and Activity Fitness Tracker Watch - Green

by Zunammy

Color: Green Packed with functions designed to help you keep a careful eye on your overall healthc the Zunammy Wireless Activity Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor. Set your goals on the pedometerc then track your stepsc heart ratec distancec calories burned and quality of rest with the integrated sleep monitor. In addition to these key featuresc the Zunammmy Heart Rate Monitor and Tracker Watch alerts you of phone callsc text messagesc and social media alerts. Moreoverc sedentary alert notifies you if you are motionless for an hour by vibrating. Other extra features include the Aniti-Lost feature which notifies you if your Bluetooth connection is out of rangec Remote Camera Control allows you to snap a photo by shaking the trackerc and more. The accompanying app stores additional data; rechargeablec wireless connectivity lets you use the free iOS and Android 4.3+ app to analyze your health information and work towards your goals. brbr Features: Tracks healthc activity and sleep patterns. Remote Camera Control Notification alerts include phone callc textc and social media messages Time Display and Alarm Rubber Material One year of memory on the health tracker Lack of Activity Vibration Alert Soft rubber wristband holds the lightweight digital pedometer and watch display comfortablybrbr Package Includes: Zunammy TR027 Battery USB Charger Instruction Manual

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It kept stickingc I had to reset it several times. I finally gave up & bought a fitbit.

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