Zume Games Dizk

by Zume

Zume Games Dizkbr The Dizk from Zume Games offers a new take on the classic flying disc. The Dizk’s unique design with a center hole creates more ways to catch. Soft Material for Easier Catchingbr The innovative material of the Dizk is softer than a traditional Frisbeec making it easy to catch for kidsc while still being incredibly durable. Excellent Grip and Flexiblebr The Dizk is also flexiblec making it more comfortable to catch and less dangerous for small children. The Dizk also has a custom designed texture for outstanding grip. Water Resistantbr The Dizk is made of closed cell foam which resists waterc allowing the Dizk to float. This makes the Dizk the perfect toy for the beach or lake. The Dizk comes in green and red and is suitable for ages 6 and up. Product Features: Center hole creates new ways to catch Flexible material makes Dizk easy to catch Unique design fliesc floatsc and flexes Durable material lasts through rough play Unique texture offers outstanding grip Closed cell foam allows Dizk to float Perfect for the beach or lake Suitable for ages 6+ Check Out other Zume Games Products: Portable Badminton Setc Tenniz Set and Bottle Battle.

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These are not as easy to throw as a standard frisbeec and even once you get the hang of itc they will not fly as far... For what I wanted them for (a game where you advance by throwing discsc and stop the other teams advance by knocking them down with foam batsc with multiple discs in play at once) theyre actually pretty ideal. Just dont expect top-notch performance or intuitive handling. They curve mid-air very readilyc in the opposite direction from what youd expectc and consequently they hit the ground already spinning in a forward directionc and tend to roll quite far. If you want to throw longc you have to release with a downwards slantc so that as the inevitable mid-air curve kicks in the disc does a slow sc and winds up flying straight. If you do this wellc you can get maybe 75% of the range youd expect from a hard plastic disc. I would recommend these if the softness is a real selling point for youc as it was for me.

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