Zumba Fitness Target Zones Abs and Legs DVD

by Zumba

The Zumba Fitness Target Zones Abs and Legs DVDc featuring Tanya Beardsleyc zooms in and focuses on key areasc giving you an effective and exhilarating workout.

Strengthen and slim your core and lower body with easy-to-follow verbal and visual cues and specific routines Start tightening abs and toning legs by moving to irresistible calypsoc tangoc salsa and reggaeton rhythms DVD Length: 26 minutes Helps you focus on target muscles while experiencing the energy of the music

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92 customer reviews

This is very short and is definitely not a work out DVD. I won't even recommend it for a beginner as it didn't provide useful instructions. br brI wish Amazon has video snippet feature to help customers. This would greatly benefit their sales and bring down the product return rate

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