Zumba Fitness Mens Pump Your Pulse Graphic Tee

by Zumba Fitness

Mens Pump Your Pulse Graphic Teec cottonc Shape Retentionc Shrink Resistantc Moisture Wickingc 100% Cottonc soldbyamazonc apparelc zumba apparelc zumbawearc zumba wearc fitnessc clothingc leggings.

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It shrunk in the wash.... everything else is nice with the shirt.. but its too tight now... brUpdate brI am reducing this to one star. brI’m very displeased with the clothes I’ve purchased from Zumba. It has now shrunk to the point I cant even wear it... No I have not gained weight either. In addition the collar has curled. If I could receive a refund that be best. I think I got to wear it less than 10 times. I waste of money.

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