Zumba Fitness Incredible Results 4 DVD ONLY

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Zumba Fitness Incredible Results 4 DVD ONLY

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I have only done the cardio workout so far but I like it. This is a good workout once you learn the routines. There is no warm-up...goes straight into the cardio. I found the music annoying at first but it does grow on you! The voice-over cues are annoying and not very helpful. Thankfully you can do the workout without the cues. The choreography is pretty good and most of the instructors are easy to follow (if you have done Zumba or Latin dance before). If you have not done Zumba before there is an intro you can do to learn the moves. The one instructor who is hard to follow is Ricardo (aka Wayne Brady). He doesn't seem to know what he is doingc I can't understand what he is saying and I sometimes just skip his routines. If you are overweight (like me) I would not jump up and down too much...your feet and shins will hurt the next day :( I would recommend buying Dance Socks if you are doing this on carpet. I bought some on here for $10 and they definitely make it easier to move around. Persevere with this...it gets easierc is a better workout and is more fun after you do it a few times.

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