Zumba Fitness Concert Live DVD/CD

by Zumba

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I am so glad that I bought this set. I work out to the DVD at least twice a week. The instruction is almost non-existent; but I just follow alongc and do my bestc and in no time at allc I work up a sweat. The audio and video quality are TOP NOTCHc and blu-ray worthy. br brI did see the mostly negative reviewsc mostly dealing with the lack of instruction. Howeverc I see this as a concert DVDc that one would just view once or twicec and then join in the fun. My goal is to get a workout and have func and this DVD and CD set certainly accomplish those goals! br br(Other reviewers have very helpfully provided more DVD detailsc so I won't repeat them here; though I wholeheartedly agree with the reviewer who commented about the bat routinec etc.; what great cardio and sculpting moves.)

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