Ztrength Premium Jump Rope for Adults! Best for Cardio Fitness Training - Perfect for all Jump Styles - Get back in Shape with an Intense Jump Rope Workout - Ideal Crossfit Jump Rope - Adjustable Jump Rope to Fit All Home Exercise Equipment

by Ztrength Fitness

Jump Rope Training strengthens your cardiovascular systemc conditions your lungs and builds both the upper and lower body! But if you truly want to reap all of the benefits of jump ropingc you need to have the right exercise equipment. That's why you can't afford to be without the revolutionary Ztrength Premium Adult Jump Rope! The Ztrength Premium Adult Jump Rope is the best jump rope for CrossFitc fitness or just jump ropes simply for fun! Here's why: Only our jump ropes for exercise have: - A TRULY DURABLE DESIGN. Other jump ropes for exercise are actually poorly made exercise equipment and just can't stand up to intense workouts like CrossFit jump rope WODs or Extreme Jump Roping. Ztrength was made with serious athletes in mind to outlast the competition. - COMFORT HANDLES. During a jump rope workoutc ordinary home exercise equipment jump ropes can strain the hands and shoulders. This ends up making it impossible to keep up jumping rope for long. Ztrength has ergonomic handles that don't put stress on the handsc arms or shouldersc so your jump rope CrossFit WOD or general workout can last for as long as possible. - ADJUSTABLE LENGTH TECHNOLOGY. Ztrength is a long jump rope at 10 feet in lengthc but you can shorten it to the perfect size for any adult or teen! The slim 4mm diameter also helps to prevent tripping for enhanced safety. - SMOOTH SWIVEL HANDLES. Handles often stick on ordinary jump ropes for exercisec reducing speed and diminishing the benefits of a jump rope workout. Ztrength handles swivel in both directions for smooth movement every time and can turn 5 to 7 times per second to help you maintain fast speeds. Get the most out of every jump rope workout with the best jump rope on Amazon. Be fitc keep fit and remain fit while having fun! Order the Ztrength jump rope today!

BE FITc REMAIN FIT. Health is wealth! Have fun while living a longer life by having a jump rope workout for your heartc lungsc legs & arms DURABLE & LIGHT. Durable material for intense CrossFit jump rope workoutsc extreme jump rope & more. Weight designed to be user-friendly for user's longer workout endurance. COMFORT GRIP HANDLES. We take pride in giving you the best quality and comfort at the same time. This is the best jump rope for those who want to keep jumping with no hand strain. SAVE MONEYc SAVE TIME. Use Ztrength Premium Jump Rope at home to avoid paying gym fees and avoid spending several minutes of driving to the gym. ONE SIZEc FITS ALL. This jump rope is fully adjustable which will allow anyone from teens to adults to use and enjoy it.

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This jump rope is pretty nice for the most partc although it had two pretty serious issues and one thing I would do to make it better in general. If these issues were resolvedc it would easily jump up to a 4 or 5 star product. br brIssue 1: After only a few days of normal usec the cord began to become tangled while I was jumping. This is pretty bad for a number of reasons. It can cause trippingc especially since it makes the rope shorter than it's supposed to be. It also would rectangle again after a short time even when I undid it. That made it virtually unusablec hence part of the reason for the 2 stars. br brIssue 2: While jumping with this rope under normal usec the rope came out of one of the handles where you tighten it when adjusting. To be extra certainc I double checked that the screw was as tight as it could get and it wasc but again it snapped out of the same side. What good is a jump rope that snaps out br brThat saidc I did love the comfort of the handles and would use It if the rope wasn't as prone to tangling and popping out. The cord is sturdyc but I wonder if maybe it shouldn't be slightly more flexiblec because I believe that is why it kept tangling. br brThe one thing I would change is that I wish there was a place to store excess rope when adjusting it. If you make it shorterc the rope just kind of hangs and sticks out and for me that can be really annoying. br brStillc if these issues were fixedc I'd gladly use it and it would be worth a rating boost. br brI received this product free in exchange for an honest review. My thoughts are my own based on personal experience.

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