Zooshine Core Balance Disc Trainerc 14 Diameter with Pump for Improving Posturec Fitnessc Stability

by Zooshine

The Zooshine Core Balance Disc is a small but useful tool to help train your corec tone musclec and improve your posture. The unstable surface requires your body to engage all of your core musclesc resulting in better balance and overall strength. The inflation amount can be adjusted for less or greater sturdinessc depending on your workout needc and the non-slip grip surface prevents slipping. Comes with a pumpc making it easy to inflate and deflate.

Great for strengthening exercisesc the disc requires you to engage multiple core muscles at once to maintain balance Can be used for working out or as a seat cushion to improve posture and balancec rather than using a stability ball Dual-textured surface ensures a non-slip gripc with raised massaging bumps on one side and smoother bumps on the other Comes with a free hand pump to easily inflate and deflate to your preferred level of firmness. Manual is available for download in Product Details section. Easy to transport for fitness on-the-go. Dimensions: 14 diameterc 3 height; Weight: 2.1lbs. Made of PVC

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