InStride POP Fitness Cycle

by Stamina

Prepare to amaze yourself with the health benefits you'll achieve while powering through func engaging workouts on the InStride POP Fitness Cycle. Obviouslyc you'll burn calories and tone muscles for a more chiseled physiquec but you'll also improve circulation and score all the important mentalc emotionalc and physical benefits that come with increasing your heart rate at least three times per week. There's no need for decent weatherc an expensive gym membershipc or a sizeable amount of space in your home; with the POP Fitness Cyclec you can get a great workout anywhere! Tone your calvesc thighsc hamstringsc and glutes while getting a cardiovascular workout in your favorite chair! To work your upper bodyc set the POP Fitness Cycle on a sturdy desk or table. You'll have yours assembled in about 60 seconds - just unfold the legs and screw in the tension knob! The legs easily fold away with ease as you store your cycle or move it from room to room. Dimensions: 17.5L x 14.5W x 12.25H in.. Lightweight steel construction. For upper and lower body workouts. Controlled tension resistance. Foldable for easy transportation and storage.

Adjustable pedaling tension Non-slip pedals with straps Easy-fold legs Non-slip feet Use for lower or upper body toning and cardiovascular exercise

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8 customer reviews

This will do nothing for you if you are seeking exercise. I bought it just to keep my legs moving when sitting. Unfortunately it won't sit under my computer desk so I use it when watching TV. To use it effectively you must sit up in a chair while peddling. I just pedal at a steadyc moderate rate while watching TV for about half hour at a time. It does get hot so I let it cool down. I put large rubber bands on the feet to keep it from sliding and while it is not going to work up a sweat it does get the circulation going; important to avoid blood clots or stiffness. For that reason it can be useful. It is actually more effective for rotating the arms - a good therapy for those with mild arthritis or other issues. I have a damaged shoulder that feels much better after fifteen minutes of steady arm rotation. It also goes backwards so you can change direction and surprise your legs or arms. At any ratec don't buy this if what you really want is sweaty exercise. But it is good for mild circulation and loosening the muscles.

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